DGAT Medical Management is a one stop solution for pre-authorization, billing, collection, compliance, and revenue stream management for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and ambulatory surgery facilities.

We are extremely well versed in both in AND out of network surgical and facility billing, can facilitate third party arbitration contracts to ensure higher payouts collected for amounts billed, and even offer immediate payment options at the time of service rendered for surgeons, proceduralists and anesthesiologists.

With a cumulative experience of over 50 years in and out of network billing in the most competitive and market in the country, and collection rates of upwards of 96% of expected revenue within 120 days, we are able to offer a turnkey service in one of the most time consuming aspects of medical practice today.

Our services are not limited to practice optimization, pre-authorization and billing services, however like most “management” teams.

An increasing burden on healthcare providers today, SPECIFICALLY surgical practices, is maintaining a strict compliance program with appropriate documentation, charting, safety protocols and documentation of appropriate medical necessity in the ever changing world of insurer requirements and increased governmental scrutiny on high volume practices.

We perform forensic audits as part of our compliance protocols and ensure that potential issues are corrected before it is too late.

Having problems with revenue flow due to delayed collections from previous experience? Just starting out in private practice? We have options to get surgeons and proceduralists IMMEDIATE PAYMENT on the day the service is performed, to help optimize your revenue stream with minimal disturbances. We are so confident in our collection ability, we are willing to literally put our money where our mouth is.

DGAT is a unique company that was started as a result of an inadequate turnkey solution for a very meticulous surgical practice, and our operations are run with the same precision and diligence as in the operating room.

We know, and you know, in the increasingly difficult healthcare arena today, you financial livelihood, and adherence to the strictest protocols is of paramount importance

Let us help you get where you need to be today.