David Greuner, MD FACS

Dr.-David-A.-GreunerDr. David Greuner is a double board certified surgeon, and the managing director of NYC Surgical Associates. He cofounded DGAT Management with his longtime partner Dr. Adam Tonis as a one stop solution to address all weak links plaguing most surgical/procedural practices today:

  1. Inadequately streamlined workflow
  2. Inadequate precertification for procedures performed until after the fact
  3. Inadequate documentation verifying compliance and medical neccessity
  4. Billing and collection errors
  5. Clinical compliance and regulatory issues
  6. Inadequate cash flow consistency

These problems are what DGAT shines at not just rectifying, but eliminating and preventing for the long term.

With most physicians being pressured into managed health plans, locum tenens, or employed positions due to failure on one or more of these issues, Dr. Greuner felt very strongly that there should be other options for his peers.

Very few companies offer all of these services “under one roof” required to run a practice, leading to loss of essential communication and accountability. Dr. Greuner felt consolidation was key, to minimize the hassles of dealing with multiple organizations on inter-related issues, and make things as simple as possible for physicians.

In addition to these options, DGAT is unique in allowing a “point of service” immediate pay option for providers, eliminating their need to wait for payment to maintain a steady cash stream.

Dr. Greuner is passionate about these issues, about allowing physicians to maintain independence in this tumultuous time of healthcare reform, offering many of the benefits of a managed agreement without most of the drawbacks of being an employee.

Adam M Tonis, DC, CCRD

Chief Operations Officer

Adam TonisDr. Adam Tonis is the Chief Operating Officer for NYC Surgical. He has over 20 years’ experience in running medical offices in the Tri-State area. Dr. Tonis has initiated and scaled medical offices from their inception to the point of expansion and administrative automation.Currently, Dr. Tonis is responsible for all administrative and non-clinical teams and workflow at NYC Surgical. As the leadership behind our talented administrative staff, together they consistently strive to perfect efficiency and minimize problems regarding insurance issues for our patient base.

As a licensed chiropractor in both New York and New Jersey he has the added experience of direct patient care as well as his vast management training. As the organization is taking on unprecedented success he is now engaged in expansion and site selection. As this is happening Dr. Tonis is training the next level of management to assure our surgical outcomes are ideal and patient satisfaction is perfect.

It is my personal goal to make sure that each and every patient has an experience that is considered wonderful, easy and consistent from the first time you enter our facility and continuing to your last visit. Should this not be the case for any reason, please email me personally at atonis@nycsurgical.net Also feel free to send me any positive reviews of our staff!